Mission, vision, and workflow


Through collecting, preserving, verifying and investigating open source content relating to human rights violations in Yemen, the Yemeni Archive will create a database of materials to support advocacy research, assist in legal case building, and construct a digital memory.

Research methodology is based on the following core principles:

First: Content identification, acquisition and standardisation

Yemeni Archive discovers relevant sources of information and aggregates them in a structured way. The acquisition is done by acquiring material published on social media platforms and other websites on a daily basis, and through building collaboration with journalists, lawyers and human rights activists to acquire and preserve their material directly.

Second: Secure long term preservation

Yemeni Archive preserves documentation by storing them on a secure servers online and with offline backups. Working with low-cost and reliable hosting partners, in addition to open source software. will help to ensure the long-term sustainability of the storage. This will ensure the material will continue to be available for analysis both now and in the future to advance justice, accountability and reconciliation efforts.

Third: Verification, cataloging and metadata enrichment

Yemeni Archive organises preserved materials by cataloging content in a standardised format.

Additional value is added to the material by recording as much metadata and chain of custody information as possible, including location, date and origin. Information regarding the target of attack (e.g. against journalists, civilian infrastructure, cultural property, or against humanitarian relief personnel and objects, etc.), as well as alleged perpetrator is included when known. This contextualises material by addressing the questions of when, where and what happened in a specific incident which will help viewers to identify and understand it.

A full list of fields is available in the metadata section of the website.

Fourth: Accessibility and raising awareness

Yemeni Archive makes the material open, accessible and fully searchable to promote discussions, debate and raise awareness on issues related to human rights, justice, equality, and accountability in Yemen.