Removals of Yemeni human rights content: July 2019

Amount of content preserved, made unavailable and restored

To date, Yemeni Archive has preserved and processed 157,614 videos from YouTube and 49,349 Twitter posts. This demonstrates an increase of 399 videos from YouTube and 3,605 posts from Twitter since June 2019. Unfortunately, despite many documenting human rights violations, many of these videos have been made unavailable for a variety of reasons.

Yet 24,242 YouTube videos and 70 Twitter posts remain unavailable as of July 2019. Some of these videos include attacks on refugee camps, attacks on hospitals and medical facilities, or destruction of civilian infrastructure. These 24,242 videos and 70 Twitter posts are securely preserved by Yemeni Archive and available upon request.

July 2019: Yemeni Archive monthly update from Yemeni Archive

Yemeni Archive preserves content from 252 YouTube channels and 58 Twitter channels on a daily basis. This demonstrates an increase of 14 YouTube channels since June 2019. Of these, 16 YouTube channels and 9 Twitter channels have been made unavailable as of July 2019 but are preserved in Yemeni Archive infrastructure. Some of these channels are long-standing media houses that have been documenting human rights violations in Yemen since 2014.

Between June and July 2019, 3 YouTube channels that Yemeni Archive includes in its preservation activities have been made unavailable by YouTube. This demonstrates that the problem of platforms inadvertently removing from public view documentation of human rights violations is ongoing and has not ended.

Social media platforms have become accidental archives, but takedowns have proven they are no place for long-term, safe storage of materials depicting human rights violations. Alternate strategies must be used to archive this material, and Yemeni Archive seeks to fill this gap.

Get in touch if you or your media organisation has been affected by content takedowns on YouTube or other social media platforms or need assistance in securely archiving documentation materials.